Player Advancement Camp

The West Coast's Premiere Exposure Event

Player Advancement Camp

Dates and Location

June 20-23, 2024

Anaheim Ice | Anaheim, CA

2010-2005 Birth Years | Limited Space, AAA Only or Subject to Acceptance

About The Player Advancement Camp

RAD's Player Advancement Camp (PAC) is the #1 off-season scouting opportunity in the Western United States. Since 2020, the PAC has attracted coaches and scouts from top NCAA Division 1 schools and junior programs which has led to over 20 NCAA D-1 commitments since its inception. The PAC is an invite only event and the format is limited to make sure the best players in each birth year have the opportunity to play in front of scouts and coaches.

In addition to the on-ice portion of the event, the PAC is filled with informative seminars and small group sessions led by current college/junior coaches, current/former college players, and more.


AAA players may register by clicking on the REGISTER button. If you are not a AAA player, please click the link below to apply for acceptance on this camp.

On-Ice Schedule


GROUP 1 (2005-2007)

GROUP 2 (2009-2008)

Group 3 (2011-2010)

Player Advancement Commitments

Player Name Birth Year School
Aiden Celebrini 2004 Boston University
Lenny Greenberg 2005 Sacred Heart
Aidan Park 2006 Univ of Michigan
Patrick Fortune 2006 Holy Cross
Gryphon Bucci 2006 Merrimack
Drake Murray 2006 Harvard
Ethan Weber 2006 Penn State
Tory Pitner 2006 Denver
Grant Young 2006 Harvard
Colin Frank 2006 Univ of Connecticut
Macklin Celebrini 2006 Boston University
Brendan Dunphy 2006 Univ of Connecticut
Masun Fleece 2007 Penn State
Ben Kevan 2007 Arizona State
Luke Norcross 2007 Western Michigan
Sean Barnhill 2007 Northeastern
Robin Benoit 2007 Univ of Nebraska Omaha
James "Ace" Bond 2007 Univ of Maine
Hayden Russell 2007 Holy Cross
James "Garrett" Russell 2007 Holy Cross
Jake Stuart 2007 Denver
Dylan Nolan 2007 Colorado College
Kyle Jones 2007 Umass Lowell
Dylan Lebret 2007 Univ of Maine

2024 Player Advancement Camp

Must be a AAA player to register. AA or below, please email for consideration. 

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